How Long Does Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Take?


If you’re considering a breast reduction to remove extra fat, tissue, and skin from your breast, you may wonder about breast reduction surgery recovery time.

Also known as mammoplasty, breast reduction surgery will not only decrease the size of your breasts, but it will lift and contour them too.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on just one breast or on both at the same time if you don’t wish to have mismatched breasts for any amount of time.

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Play Out?

Recovery from surgery always has two phases – short-term and long-term. Breast reduction surgery is no different.

The first phase of recovery (short-term) typically lasts about two weeks and is when the most restrictions are in place. The second phase (long-term) typically lasts two to three months following that.

We’ll break down the two phases:

First Week

After your surgery, you will be introduced to a compression bra which you’ll need to wear through the first phase and into the second phase of recovery.

You’ll wear this bra 24/7 except for when you shower. This will ensure you get the desired outcome from the surgery. During this first week, you’ll want to focus on resting and ensuring you eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to facilitate healing.

Some light movement (like walking around the house) will be encouraged, but you’ll need to avoid strenuous activity and continue to take any prescribed medications.

Second Week

It’s during the second week when you might start to notice the incisions feeling a little tight and itchy as they continue to heal under your compression bra. You can remedy this with Vaseline or other gentle moisturizer. Benedryl can help with the itching.

Your board-certified plastic surgeon may clear you for returning to work at this point, but you’ll still need to avoid strenuous activity and stick with your healthy and hydrating diet.

Three Weeks to Two Months Out

For most, three weeks marks the point when you’ll really start to notice and feel the results of your surgery. You’ll be able to engage in more strenuous activities and return to most of your regular routines. Even so, you’ll need to keep that compression bra on for at least another one to three weeks.

By the end of the second month, the compression bra can be swapped out for your new smaller bra – provided your breasts are not swollen.

Three to Four Months After

Finally, three to four months out from the surgery, your breasts should be fully healed and settled into their new shape. At this point, you can safely start shopping for those smaller tops you’ve always longed to wear!

How Could Breast Reduction Surgery Change Your Life?

Having large, heavy, or pendulous breasts can make it hard to find clothes that fit well. What’s worse, they may be causing you neck and back pain.

Fortunately, smaller and more shapely breasts are just a surgery away. And the good news is, breast reduction surgery recovery isn’t terribly grueling. As we said, you could be back to work after one week, and doing light cardio after just two weeks!

So if you’re ready to remove that extra weight that’s causing you pain and strife, contact us today! And get ready to spice up your wardrobe!