Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for Men Too?

It may not seem like cosmetic plastic surgery for men is much of a ‘thing.’ After all, men only account for 8% of cosmetic surgery procedures.

But according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), male cosmetic procedures rose 29% between 2000 and 2018. And post-pandemic numbers are expected to keep rising.

It seems that struggling with insecurities about appearance isn’t gender specific. Yet, it’s overwhelmingly women who are open to talking about the fact that they’ve had work done.

Most Popular Procedures for Men

The majority of men motivated to get cosmetic surgery want to lose that last bit of stubborn fat. This isn’t to say, though, they don’t also have concerns about wrinkles or other imperfections.

So despite the differences between the sexes, men seeking cosmetic plastic surgery are often looking for the same solutions that women are. The following four procedures are the most common:

1. Skin Reduction/Tummy Tuck

It’s not unusual for men to hit their 30s or even 40s and realize that it’s time to take their health seriously. They may start dieting and exercising to get their bodies in better shape. The problem is, once the beer-and-Cheetos belly disappears, the skin that enveloped it has nowhere to go.

Many men are embarrassed by the resulting hanging skin around the mid-section. Especially when they’ve worked so hard to get buff and toned. Skin reduction surgery helps eliminate this unsightly problem.

Then for those who also have fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise, there’s the option of a tummy tuck to further contour the mid-section and show off that six-pack.

2. Brow Lift, Eyes, Face

Historically speaking, women have generally spent more time in front of the mirror. But when the pandemic hit in 2020, men were suddenly staring at themselves on computer screens and noticing every little imperfection they hadn’t before. This ‘Zoom effect’ was a serious motivator for men to seek out cosmetic procedures.

To date, the most popular procedures for the face include brow lifts, upper eye lifts, and liposuction around the jawline and neck. Men are also opting for non-surgical procedures like Botox injections to combat wrinkles.

3. Neck Contouring

Of course, once the face was looking good, the attention started drifting to the neck. Every woman is all too aware of how the skin on the neck loses elasticity and stretches during aging. But once again, the time in front of video calls made men more aware of this.

While women have the option to cover their necks with a stylish scarf, we can all admit that the ascot is hardly a fashion trend for men. And if a beard isn’t an option, a neck lift or other neck contouring procedure can address the loose skin and sagging jawline to deliver a more chiseled look.

4. Male Breast Reduction

If you think any sort of plastic surgery for the breast is purely women’s domain, think again.

Breast reduction surgery is gaining in popularity among men who are troubled to find that their breasts are becoming fattier as they age. And no amount of diet or exercise remedies it. For them, male breast reduction, or gynecomastia, reduces the swelling in the breast area to give the pectorals more definition.

Curious About Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for Men?

While cosmetic plastic surgery for men may still be in its infancy, as more men open up about having these surgical procedures, the less stigma there will be.

If you’re a man struggling with insecurities about your appearance, contact us today. During your free consultation, we’ll advise you on the next best steps to get that more youthful look. We’ll also ensure that you feel comfortable with being (something of) a trail blazer!