Yes, Stress Affects Your Skin

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    We frequently hear about the negative impact of stress on the heart, brain, stomach, and other organs. But what about the biggest organ – your skin? Given the negative repercussions of stress throughout the rest of the body, it makes perfect sense that stress affects your skin too. It’s all the result of


The Board-Certified and Fully-Accredited Difference

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Not anyone can call themselves a plastic surgeon. For that we can grateful! The road to becoming a plastic surgeon is long and requires great dedication and commitment. Even so, it should be noted that doctors that are board-certified and work in a fully-accredited surgery center are definitely a cut above the rest. So when


Personalized Plastic Surgery By A Board Certified Surgeon

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Thanks to the power of the Internet, there are few places where customization does not exist. Americans even expect tailor-made service. So what about personalized treatment in health care? Furthermore, consider the benefits of personalized plastic surgery treatment. Personalized Health Care? Personalized care is not the case when it comes to medical care. Almost always