Pioneers In Plastic Surgery – Sir Archibald McIndoe

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  Plastic surgery may seem like a purely contemporary field of medicine. After all, nobody was getting Botox injections in the days of the Wild West. The truth is, plastic surgery has been around in some form or another for over 4,000 years. Sure, plastic surgery as we know it today certainly reached new heights


Are There Different Kinds of Anesthesia Used in Plastic Surgery?

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    When you’re considering a plastic surgery procedure, it’s helpful to know what sort of anesthesia the doctor will administer so you can plan accordingly. Then again, maybe you aren’t even aware that there are different kinds of anesthesia. Don’t worry! That’s not all that unusual. So just in case you’re in the unknowing


Can a Breast Lift Help You Exercise?

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  If you have significant sagging in your breasts, you may find that even an industrial strength sports bra doesn’t provide the support you need. This can make exercise uncomfortable, irritating, and even embarrassing. It could even lead to blisters, chafing, and pain. So can a breast lift help you exercise? Well, it’s not going


Dr. Elan Reisin is the Face of Plastic Surgery

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Each year in August, Detroit HOUR runs a special section entitled the Faces of Detroit. It’s a great way to get familiar with some of the folks in Detroit who stand out from the crowd for their stellar services and commitment to their work. Next month, Dr. Elan Reisin of Star Plastic Surgery will proudly